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Our Charities

We have two charities that have really stepped-up their commitment to SASS.  In addition to being our beneficiaries, Betty Griffin Center and St. Francis House each have created a special fund dedicated to the proceeds donated on behalf of SASS.  Download the IRA Donation information letter


SASS for Survivors through Betty Griffin

Betty Griffin Center saves and changes lives by offering free services to domestic and sexual violence survivors as well as education programs to the community.  As St. Johns County grows, so do the needs of the people they serve. Some of the critical services and programs provided include:

  • emergency shelter (18,351 nights)

  • a 24-hour crisis hotline (1,312 calls)

  • the Betty Griffin Center Rape Care Unit located in Flagler Hospital (27 victims needing services)

  • counseling (10,475 supportive service hours)

  • support groups, economic empowerment program, legal assistance and community education (over 2,219 people educated).

For more information, visit or call 904-808-8544.


Donations will go directly to the “SASS for Survivors” at Betty Griffin Center, providing funding for the programs offered to adults and children experiencing domestic or sexual abuse.


SASS Women's Rebound Program through St. Francis House

St. Francis House provides shelters for homeless youth aged 18 to 24 and for homeless adults and families.  It also provides “day drop-in services”, counseling, and street outreach services to the homeless in St. Augustine. In 2021, St. Francis House sheltered 123 single women and 31 family units, 29 of which had a woman as head of household. 61 of these women successfully moved into homes of their own, thanks to St. Francis House.  This is a remarkable story of success among similar programs.

For more information visit or call 904-824-8987.


Donations will go directly to the "SASS Women's Rebound" program, providing critical assistance to help women experiencing homelessness to access permanent housing in a timely manner.  These women - many of whom have children - have jobs but are unable to afford such costs as rental utility deposits, security deposits and the purchase of basic household items required to set up an independent home.  Donations made to the “SASS Women’s Rebound Program” at St. Francis House will help fund the pathway to independent living for these women and their families.

If you would like make a direct donation to one of these funds from a Traditional IRA account, please contact Lyn McClelland at 206.794.3032 or send an email to learn more. 
Download the IRA Donation information letter


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